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lil Beaver Ultrasonic Scalers best value for dentist, and veterinary offices

Vectorusa line of lil beaver and beaver elite ultrasonic scalers brings great value to dentist offices across the world. The ability to use both 25K and 30K insert tips from most all competitors makes for an easy switch out. We suggest the Bucky Beaver insert tips made by the same company. The prices is more than reasonable, making these ultrasonic scalers a welcome addition to dentist, and veterinarian offices anywhere.

The lil beaver classic a great value ultrasonic scaler for all dentist, and veterinarian offices. No frills sleek look makes a great addition.

The Beaver elite portable ultrasonic scaler offers a mobile portable ultrasonic scaler for use whether you are on the road, in a barn, or your office. Great for veterinarian and dentist remote site appointments. use all standard 25k and 30K insert tips

The lil Beaver deluxe ultrasonic scaler offers led displays in addition an easy replacement of the handpiece cable in event it fails.

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