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SC-100 Beaver Elite Mobile Ultrasonic Scaler

SC-100 Beaver Elite Mobile Ultrasonic Scaler

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$857.90Sale Price

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Mobile Ultrasonic scaler includes reusable dual self contained dual bottle sysem. Great for out of office uses, mobile Vetrenarians and dentist would love this.


Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler - Dual water bottle system kit - BLACK
Includes: Beaver Elite Scaling Unit, Power Cord, 2 Position
Turbo Boost Foot Pedal, Mount Stand, 2 Water
Bottles, Handpiece Holder Mount, Autoclavable
NEW: Digital touch control, Self diagnostics, plug in play handpiece cable for easy replacement, built-in water regulator, water purge function
Handpiece Sheath. 1 year warranty

SKU: SC-100 Beaver Elite
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